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Permission to officiate (PTO)

Permission to Officiate (PTO) is most often sought by retired clergy.  

In some circumstances, it can also be granted to hospital, prison and army chaplains as well.

How to apply for PTO

Retired and other clergy who wish to minister in the diocese are subject to Canon B8 and must apply to the Clergy Appointments Team for Permission to Officiate (PTO). The permission is normally for a period of three years in line with the DBS check, and will only be granted once diocesan safeguarding training has been completed.

Those with PTO are free to minister in any parish in the diocese at the invitation of the Incumbent or Priest-in-Charge (or Churchwarden when in vacancy) subject to any restrictions on the PTO.

Clergy applying for PTO are required to complete a PTO Application, countersigned by their designated responsible person (Incumbent/Priest-in-Charge, Lead Chaplain or Area Dean).  

If you are new to the diocese, we will request an Episcopal Reference and Clergy Current Status Letter (CCSL) from your current/previous Bishop and you will be invited to attend an entry interview.

Once clergy with PTO reach the age of 80, they can apply for renewal on a twelve-month basis. When PTO is due for renewal, a review form is issued by the Clergy Appointments Team and must be countersigned by the relevant Incumbent/Priest-in-Charge, Lead Chaplain or Area Dean.

If you wish to apply for PTO, please contact:

Julie McKeand, Clergy DBS & Appointments Administrator

or alternatively, download the following pack of forms:

Clergy On-call Registry

The Clergy On-call Registry provides clergy to cover for Sunday duty in parishes across the Diocese. Please contact the Registrar if you would like to request a Clergy On-Call for your parish or are a retired clergy who is willing to go on to the register

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