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Growing diversity

"I believe that God is calling us to be a church of glorious and profligate diversity"
Archbishop Stephen Cottrell, Presidential Address: General Synod July 2020

Wide-ranging consultations in the development of the Diocese of Guildford’s strategy showed that we share in the national Church of England’s vision to be a Church that is younger and more diverse. It stands as one of our three key priorities.

For many parishes, this will mean increasing the amount of younger people engaging with Church in some way, so plans to increase our contacts with children and young people is critical. 

We also want to ensure we better reflect the communities we serve, recognising that whoever we are, wherever we have come from, whatever we have done, we are all loved, welcomed and valued in God’s house.

It also means having the courage to experiment with new ways of being Church, physically and digitally. What might these new worshipping communities look like on our context? 

Explore the sections below for information, resources, guidance, inspiration and practical ideas.

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