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Parish communications

An integral part of building relationships with those around us

Communications is foundational to mission, outreach and community. From simple conversations to complex interviews, branding, design and video, we can use communication tools to describe the God that we know and the church life that we're part of. 

Our Central Diocesan Communications team is here to help you, and every day is an opportunity to share your good news and proclaim the good news of God in Jesus Christ. 

These pages will provide you with resources to help you to become a better communicator, as well as a variety of tools to use in your own parish communications.

We're always interested to hear stories of what God is doing from across the diocese, so please do get in touch if you have anything to share.

Safeguarding considerations
When thinking about your approach to communications it's worth taking safeguarding best practices into consideration to help protect yourself and others. The Safer Environments and Activities guidance is full of helpful considerations for church ministry across the board, when it comes to safeguarding, and includes sections on social media and photography, so do read sections 4 and 5 to help you with those. You can find out more on these areas on our Filming in Church and Using Social Media pages.


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You can sign up to receive news you want to know about from the Diocese. Choose to receive the Parish Brief, a simple and single source for all the latest guidance, resources and updates for church leaders across the diocese. And you can opt-in to receive news specific to topics such as Safeguarding, Youth, Children & Families, Evangelism Hub, Environment and Training.

Find the latest Parish brief here

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More support and resources to download

The Communications team can help with:

Communications strategy and planning – As a church when you consider your Church Development Plans, we can help you think about how communications could support some of the critical projects.

PR strategy – How do you raise the profile of your church in the media, how do you use your social media channels and website to support your mission – we can help.

Storytelling – We can help you identify and tell stories - proactive ideas if you have a good story to tell but don’t know exactly where to tell it.

Building up confidence in your local team to deal with the local press, so that you can manage how you tell your story locally.

Managing relationships with key journalists so that if a story becomes regional or national we are here to help, guide and support.

Training for you and your teams – handling the media, press release writing, interviews, social media, and design.

Crisis support during those unexpected hard times – you are not alone and you are not expected to manage it alone.

Amplification of your stories on the Diocesan channels – we can retweet, reshare and post articles in our news section.

Support and guidance if you are asked to be a representative for your church.

Issues management

Establishing a network of communicators across the parishes to share best practices and expertise.


Overall Parish advice, support and guidance.

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