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Hear Here

Logo for Hear Here, featuring an ear with a hearing aidHear Here is a Diocese of Guildford project in partnership with Sight for Surrey and the NHS, where NHS audiology-trained volunteers provide community-based hearing aid maintenance. 

A Hear Here Clinic, held in a Church or Community building, offers basic hearing aid maintenance and advice to support hearing aid wearers to get the best from their devices.

What support do Hearing Champions offer?

Hearing Champions provide a range of services depending on the resources available within their area, including: 

  • Checking the hearing aid is working properly
  • Re-tubing, ear mould cleaning and battery replacement 
  • Checking the fitting of the hearing aid in the ear
  • Advice on maintenance and cleaning of the hearing aid
  • Advice and support on making the most of the hearing aid
  • Information and signposting to other services and useful equipment

Why hearing aid aftercare is important

It takes time to adapt to using hearing aids – getting used to new sounds as well as managing the hearing aids themselves. 

If hearing aids aren’t maintained, wearers won’t be able to hear as clearly. Taking care of hearing aids also means it will last longer and save unnecessary trips to the audiologist.

Some people struggle with basic maintenance tasks, but Hearing Champions can support and bless the deaf and hard of hearing with this simple way of helping in the community.

If you’d like to offer your church as a Hear Here clinic or to volunteer as a Hearing Champion please contact Jude Darby – details below. 

How can I access a clinic?

A full list of clinics in the Diocese can be found here.

Most clinics run on a drop-in basis, so please just arrive during the times advertised.

If you need help with Danalogic hearing aids, please refer to the directory to check whether your intended clinic has been trained to service this make. We are working hard to support all clinics to service the new make of aid, but it is best to check before you travel. 


The service is free and available to anyone with a ‘behind the ear’ NHS hearing aid. Training and the provision of sundry supplies is funded by the local NHS audiology departments in partnership with the Diocese of Guildford.

Could you become a Hearing Champion?

Hearing Champions are volunteers who have been trained by NHS audiology staff in the basics of hearing aid maintenance. 

Volunteers from parish churches will be trained on safeguarding matters and have had the appropriate police checks.

Drop-in hearing clinics can be held in parish churches or at local community spaces. 

Latest News

Find out the latest news about Hear Here.


For more details, including details of your nearest clinic, contact the team on: 
Telephone          07827 567014
Email                  hearhere@cofeguildford.org.uk

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