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Online Ministry

Laptop sitting on desk which displays Church Online on the screen

The pandemic catapulted us into needing to provide a whole range of online ministry across our churches. Between us we grew in confidence in offering a wide range of prayer and ministry resources online, from posting simple text, through to Zoom meetings and providing full-blown online services. This demanded new skills, drew heavily on many in our congregations and required a new level of sharing across parishes.   

Some churches invested in new production and streaming equipment, others were very innovative with quite simple technology such as a smartphone or laptop combined with applications like Zoom and others made greater use of their website or Facebook pages. 

Together we discovered that online can offer greater:    

  • Accessibility for those who need it and want it  

  • Choice (in terms of service you join, time you join it, how you join it)  

  • Convenience and flexibility – I can choose when I engage and how 

  • Opportunity for learning   

  • Creativity and increased interactivity   

We learnt that an online offering is not just about church services, it is also about offering training and courses; online fellowship communities; prayer groups and so much more. We also appreciate that for many parishes, coming out of CV19 restrictions meant they wanted to focus on their in-person services and activities. We need to recognise that there is a  perception that online ministry could be competing against in-person services – this is not the case and research supports that online ministry enables those who would otherwise not be able to attend in person, as well as being a window to the church before you might attend in person. 

We have now returned to a new normal post-pandemic but whilst physically gathering to worship in our church buildings will always be central to our church life, an online offering could remain as a key component for every church regardless of size, geography or age demographic. 

There is a lot of potential in this space to help grow disciples, embrace fresh expressions of church and reach those who want to stay as digital disciples growing in fellowship together online. 

Below are some resources that will help guide your thinking, but please do contact the Communications Team at any time for on-the-spot advice and guidance. 

Our policies 

  • The Diocese has signed up to the Church of England Digital Charter and adopted their universal principle-based Social media Community Guidelines. 

  • Read more in our Diocesan Social Media Policy. This policy applies to all employees of the Diocesan Board of Finance, Clergy and other office holders, or those with a representative role, within the Diocese of Guildford. 


  • Considering how you might incorporate online into your ministry- read our Online Ministry Strategy guide looking at which tool would help you, what to consider and how to keep safe online. 

  • For the latest digital evangelism and digital discipleship guidance, visit our Online Ministry Trello board – pulling together and signposting to all the latest research, news, resources, and guidance. This is about learning from others and utilising the resources you need in your circumstances.  

  • You may also find some of the resources on our Social Media page helpful. 

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