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How were they called? | Jonny Lowe

Jonny Lowe is one of the new deacons being ordained at Guildford Cathedral on Sunday 2nd July and shares his story of being called to church ministry.

"Having put my trust in Jesus as a child, my family, friends and mentors have had a huge influence on growing my faith and encouraged me in my discipleship. Their affirmation and encouragement to discern ordination was hugely significant and, without it, I may not have even considered it. However, after much prayer, I felt God had called me into leading his people in some capacity which I am really excited about.

Seeking God’s direction for my life in prayer and conversation with friends and family led me to realise God was guiding me into pastoral leadership within the Church. Having continually been given opportunities to lead throughout my life and great investment from people, alongside my gifts, I felt God was preparing me for something greater. Even when I felt unsure or reluctant, God kept opening the doors to ordained ministry and I remained faithful to keep walking through them in obedience.

John 10:7-18 (particularly verses 10-11) holds a very special place in my heart. My late grandfather taught these verses to me as a child and they have played a significant role in my own journey of faith in Christ and encouraged me into gospel ministry."

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