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News and media

Response to Let there be Light

First published on: 16th April 2024

This documentary reminds us all about the vital importance of safeguarding in ministry and the risks and dangers when power is allowed to be exercised without accountability and safeguards in place

16 Days: How can we help? – Part 2

First published on: 8th December 2023

The 16 Days of Activism finishes today but this will hopefully be the beginning of change for many.


16 Days: How can we help? – Part 1

First published on: 8th December 2023

We share some practical actions and steps you can take to help make a positive difference.


16 Days: The journey out of domestic abuse

First published on: 7th December 2023

Tori shares her experience of the local church, agencies and authorities all working together to support a woman and her child out of a violent and abusive situation.


16 Days: The place of the Church

First published on: 5th December 2023

The Church can play a key part in supporting those affected by abuse. Tori shares some thoughts in the latest video.


16 Days: Stats and facts on domestic abuse

First published on: 1st December 2023

It’s seven days into the 16 Days of Activism and we wanted to share some statistics and facts about domestic abuse.


16 Days: Revd Tori the Social Worker

First published on: 28th November 2023

Continuing our 16 Days of Activism series, Revd Tori Silletti tells us about her professional background as a Social Worker.


RISE UP against domestic abuse

First published on: 23rd November 2023

The next 16 Days of Activism aims to raise awareness and help the fight against Gender-based domestic abuse and we’d love you to join us on this journey.


Safeguarding Adults Week, 20 - 24 November 2023

First published on: 20th November 2023

We’re highlighting the importance of safeguarding all week and learning how to safeguard ourselves and others.


Safeguarding standards published

First published on: 17th October 2023

The Church of England has today published a set of National Safeguarding Standards. Find out more in this article.

Safeguarding standards.PNG
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