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Resources for intergenerational ministry

People of all ages sitting together to ahead of a church service in conversation

"…I am enormously excited that, I think for the first time, the Church of England is putting children, young people, schools, families and households at the very heart of its strategy."

Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York 2020 address to General Synod

We know that having strong relationships with people of different generations is a vital component in developing lasting faith in children. 
Ministry among children and families is now central to the vision and strategies of the national Church and the Diocese of Guildford, and thinking intergenerationally is an important part of that. 

The Children and Families Mission Enabler, Emma Coy, would love to hear from you if you’re wanting to explore your ministry in this area.

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Many organisations are now producing resources to help you move your church towards being more intergenerational. Explore what they all have to offer and speak to Emma Coy if you want to experiment with something new.

Messy Church
Forest Church
Muddy Church
Worship for Everyone 

Good books

  • Beyond the Children’s corner by Margaret Pritchard-Houston
  • Worship for Everyone by Nick and Becky Drake
  • It takes a church to raise a parent by Rachel Turner

Intergenerational Worship Community

This is a group of churches who meet together once a term to share and learn from each other as we journey towards becoming more intergenerational. Some have been on this journey for years and others are just starting out. 

If you would like the chance to explore what being more intergenerational might look like in your context, you would be very welcome to join us. 

Please contact Emma Coy, Mission Enabler Children and Families, for details of the next meeting.

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