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See also the Environmental Links page for environmental organisations, which may have useful resources.

Resources Sheet

Eco-church Resources Sheet (PDF)

Resources and contacts to help support a range of topics from Green Energy to ​an Eco Church Lifestyle.

Creation Matters

Creation Matters Small Group Studies (PDF)
A series of useful studies on Creation Matters, including worship, scriptural readings and practical actions on environmental matters.

Creationtide Liturgy

Download the Creationtide Liturgy (PDF)

Creationtide / Eco Church

The Revd Stephen Sizer has put together a series of five Bible studies suitable for use in home groups, especially during the season of creation (1 Sept - 4 Oct).

He has also written a blog about our mandate for creation care.

Don’t Stop at the Lights - 2016

Don't stop at the lightsMany churches are taking action to reduce their carbon footprints. But recycling and changing lightbulbs are only the first steps.

Written by the authors of How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change a Christian?, this handbook gives clergy and church leaders the tools they need to help their congregations take those next steps. Structured around the Church's year for ease of implementation, Don't Stop at the Lights provides material to help church leaders plan a year of environmental change in their church.

For each season, it includes: Environmental themes and how to link these to services and sermons; Practical actions; Case studies of good practice to inspire church leaders; Study material on key Biblical texts on creation and environmental concern.

The authors produced an update for members of Synod following the UN Climate Conference in Paris. This is now available here.

Printed copies of the update and the handbook are available from Church House Publishing.

Cherishing Churchyards Week

cherishing churchyardsChurches across the country celebrate Cherishing Churchyards Week every year in June as part of the nationwide project run by Caring for God’s Acre (CfGA) and supported by the Diocese of Guildford and the national CofE Shrinking the Footprint project. There are an estimated 12,000 CofE churchyards throughout the country and around half of them already run biodiversity projects, while remaining respectful to their users, particularly family and friends of those buried there. During Cherishing Churchyards Week churches are encouraged to run events to raise awareness and celebrate the treasures of their churchyard, and encourage churches to submit wildlife discoveries as part of a new central database ​that will list all the biodiversity churchyards are holding in store for the country.

Caring for God’s Acre – Churchyard Action Pack

This resource has a wealth of information to help with the sensitive management of your churchyard. There are guidelines on the management of wildlife habitats such as grassland and trees, and features such as lychgates, boundary walls and old stonework. It also includes information on how to involve others and how to make use of these places for learning and community activity.

It is available to buy or download from the Caring for God’s Acre website.

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