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Local Ministry Programme (LMP)

'minister locally - think globally'

The Process

Anyone who enters authorised ministry in the Church of England will embark on a guided journey of thinking through their vocation, and ultimately will go through a selection process. Those who successfully complete this process, whether for ordained or lay ministry, undergo a specified training programme.

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Exploring Vocations

Information and resources for individuals considering a sense of call
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The Course

The Local Ministry Programme for Guildford Diocese (LMP:G) is part of the Discipleship, Vocation and Ministry Team.  We train Licensed Lay Ministers - LLM(Readers) and Ordained Local Ministers (OLMs) for services in parishes around the Diocese.  This is done on a three year part-time course accredited by the Ministry Division of the Church of England and validated by Durham University.  The course is a blend of practical ministry related subjects and ongoing study.  The majority of students complete the course with a Diploma in Ministry Studies.

The training programme begins in September each year, and is based on three terms of about 11 weeks each.  The course is modular, usually covering one main module subject per term.  Behind this are 'formation for ministry' related subjects woven throughout the course.

  LMP Worship

​Most sessions are held in a central Guildford venue on a Monday evening.  Session begin with corporate worship for the student cohorts at 7.30pm, and the teaching delivered between 8pm and 10pm.  In addition, there are two residential weekends per year, a four day Summer School (for ordinands) and three Saturday Study Days.

You are welcome to arrange to visit on a Monday evening, with no expectations of going any further.  We will give you some course information, then you can drop in on teaching sessions and have an opportunity to ask questions of students and tutors.  It is also possible to put you in touch with current and previous students who will be willing to share their experience of local training.

LMP Students

Ongoing Studies

As the course is modular, we can provide opportunities for study throughout the year for interested learners from parishes.  Many modules are ideal for developing discipleship, and we open some of these up to ‘auditing students’ - listeners - to join for a term.

LMP also offers a BA (Hons) in Ministry Studies for an additional two years' study for those who have completed the Diploma.  For those who have a Diploma from another university, we can offer a Graduate Diploma in Ministry Studies over two years of study.  Please contact the Course Principal for more information steve.summers@cofeguildford.org.uk


​Resources are available here for those interested in leaning more about and considering ministry. They cover a guide to the process in the Diocese of Guildford, guides to Licensed Lay Ministry, information on and the calendar of the Local Ministry Programme and information on Ordained Local Ministry.

The Staff

Contact the Course Principal or the Course Administrator for enquiries about the course and additional information:

SteveSummers1 Steve Summers

Principal of the Local Ministry Programme (LMP)


01483 790319

PauletteWithycombe1 Paulette Withycombe

Course Administrator and PA to the LMP Principal


01483 790351

Pippa Ross McCabe 1 Pippa Ross-McCabe

LMP Year Tutor and SCRTP Academic Registrar


01932 342374

Andy Spencer 1 Andy Spencer

LMP Year Tutor


01483 416333

Jo Winn-Smith - Oct 15 Jo Winn-Smith