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If you have a sense that God might be calling you, you may be feeling excited or restless, or maybe even a bit worried. The information and links below will help you consider what to do next.
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Diocesan Vocations Adviser

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Glynis ​Beazley is the Diocesan Vocations Adviser. After a degree in Religious Studies in Canterbury, she went into the legal profession and then into a secondary school as a Cover Supervisor.

Her role is to engage with you if you are exploring a sense of calling and begin the conversations that will lead you to the right person who can listen and assist in taking things further along the route you choose.

The team work with Parishes and Deaneries as well as running events to help foster a sense of vocation and to provide information and access to all that is on offer.

If you would like to find out more, follow the links below or contact Glynis who will be happy to help.


The Great Vocations Conversation

Great Vocations Conversation

Vocations Sunday 12 May 2019

This is what I want in heaven... words to become notes and conversations to be symphonies - Tina Turner

Vocations Sunday is always the 4th Sunday of Easter. Not the 4th Sunday after Easter – don’t get me started on how confusing that can be for the unwary user of the lectionary. This year it is the 12th May and allows us all to think about encouraging people towards ministry, both lay and ordained.

The focus this year is on having a GREAT VOCATIONS CONVERSATION. You will remember that the national launch of this initiative was at the Maundy Thursday chrism service last year in our Diocese. On the strength of the enthusiastic uptake by Guildford Diocese clergy, the Church of England are using it for Vocations Sunday this year. The Information and resources are on the Church of England website

Vocations Sunday Resources 2019

Prayer for Vocations Sunday 2019

If you scroll a little further on that website, you can see the Church Times review of Bishop Andrew’s and Magdalen’s Smith’s Book “The Great Vocations Conversation” featured in the resources as well as the book by Andy Rider called “Life is for Giving” with a foreword by Bishop Jo. There is a pack of information you can order (including both of these books) for £15.50.

If you think back to your own calling, what was it that first sowed the seed? It is likely to have been a conversation.  You are therefore encouraged to think about who you could have a Great Vocations Conversation with and in particular to think about someone different from you. It is an opportunity to reach people who might be currently under-represented in ministry such as those of BAME heritage, women, younger people or those with a disability.

We are always conscious of the need to be on the lookout for those exploring a calling or who show potential in the gifts that the Church seeks for ministry. In the queue for a cup of tea, why not ask them the all-important question “have you ever thought about...” 

If you have any questions please do feel free to get in touch


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How were they called?

No calling is the same, what was theirs? Watch the videos below to ​see how some of our new priests were called to ​ministry.

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​If you would like to be referred to a Local Vocations Adviser for an initial chat please contact or phone 01483 790320

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Ordained Ministry

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