Deanery Synod

Each Deanery is required to have a Synod, which is chaired by the ​Area Dean and an elected Lay Chair, and consists of a house of clergy and a house of laity.

As well as being able to bring proposals and motions to Diocesan Synod for debate, Deanery Synod members also act as the electorate for all elections to Diocesan Synod and General Synod.

​Area Deans / Lay Chairs

Archdeaconry of Surrey
Aldershot Deanery
Revd Canon George Newton / Vacancy

Cranleigh Deanery
Revd Canon Debbie Sellin / Kevin Garvey   (Asst Area Dean - Revd Canon Nick Whitehead)

Farnham Deanery
Revd Jane Walker  / Vacancy

Godalming Deanery
Revd Clive Potter / Susie Felix

Guildford Deanery
Revd Nick WilliamsCarolyn Graham

Surrey Heath Deanery
Revd Jonathan Hillman / Richard Harbord   (Asst Area Dean - Revd Claire Isherwood)

Archdeaconry of Dorking
Dorking Deanery
Revd Alan Jonas / Graham Everness

Emly Deanery
Revd Andrew Cowie / Nick Stuart

Epsom Deanery
Revd Des Williamson / Margaret Hobbs  (Asst Area Dean - Revd Rosemary Donovan)

Leatherhead Deanery
Alan Jenkins Bill King

Runnymede Deanery
Revd Dr Sandra Faccini
 / Keith Malcouronne

Woking Deanery
Revd Dr ​Peter Harwood / John Keelty

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