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Diocese of Guildford Meeting Dates 2019

​Dates of meetings for the main governance groups

Diocesan Synod

The 'parliament' for the diocese, members of diocesan synod are elected every three years. All clergy in the diocese and lay members of deanery synods are eligible to stand. If you are interested in Deanery Synod or Diocesan Synod, please contact your Area Dean.
Diocesan Synod Meeting Dates 2019
Saturday March ​16th 9:30 - 13:00
Wednesday July 3rd 19:30 - 21:45
Saturday November 16th 9:30 - 13:00

Bishop's Council (BC)

The standing committee of Diocesan Synod which also forms the board of trustees for the Diocesan Board of Finance, The Mission and Pastoral Committee. Bishops Council usually meets from 5.30pm - 7.30pm at Church House Guildford, unless otherwise advised.

Bishop's Council Meeting Dates 2019
Monday January 14th
Monday February 11th
Monday March 11th - CANCELLED
Thursday April 4th
Monday April 8th
Saturday May 18th - Away Day
Monday June 3rd
​Monday July 22nd
Monday September 23rd
Monday October 21st
Wednesday November 20th (NB at 6pm)
Monday December 2nd

Business Planning Group (BPG)

The small group comprising the Chairs of the Houses of Clergy and Laity, the Secretary and the President (Bishop) who plan the business agenda for Diocesan Synod. BPG meetings usually take place from 3 - 5pm at ​Church House Guildford (unless otherwise advised)

Business Planning Group (BPG) Meeting Dates 2019
 Thursday January 17th
 Monday May 13th
 Monday September 23rd
 Monday December 2nd

Area Deans

Area Deans are parish clergy who also take a lead role in their deanery. We have 12 deaneries in the Diocese of Guildford, each containing between 10 and 15 parishes. 

Area Deans Meeting Dates 2019
​Thursday ​February 28th
Monday June 17th
Thursday November 14th

Audit & Finance Committee

A group of experienced finance and audit professionals who scrutinise diocesan accounts and finance reports. The Audit & Finance Committee meet from 2pm - 4pm at ​Church House Guildford (unless otherwise advised)

Audit & Finance Committee Meeting Dates 2019
Thursday January 31st
T​hursday May 23rd
Tuesday October ​8th

Bishop's ​Leadership Team (BLT)

The senior leadership team of clergy and directors of the Diocesan teams. BSM takes place at Church House, Guildford from 8.30am - 4pm (unless otherwise advised )

Bishop's Leadership Team (BLT) Dates 2019
Wednesday January 9th
Wednesday February 27th
Wednesday March 20th
Wednesday April 10th
Thursday May 2nd (Budgets am)
Tuesday May 21st 
Wednesday June 12th
Wednesday June 19th (Away Day)
Wednesday July 10th
Wednesday September 4th
Wednesday September 25th (Budgets am)
 Wednesday October 2nd
Wednesday October 16th (Away Day)
Wednesday November 13th
Wednesday December 18th
2020 Governance Meeting Dates

See the Diocesan Synod, Bishop's Council and Business Planning Group meeting dates for 2020. 

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