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Parish Share 2019

Female_VicarWelcome! Here you will find information regarding the new parish share system from January 2019. If you need information on the ​previous system you can find information on the previous system here.

Need to get up to speed quickly? Watching the video below is six minutes and seventeen seconds well spent in understanding the changes coming about following a two-year review of our parish share system. You can also read a letter from the Bishop of Guildford to introduce the changes, and use the review archive to view any of the videos and resources published throughout the review.

FAQs and our resources ​then carry additional information on the new system, and you can also download a copy of this video for use in church from the latter. Further detail about the shared expenditure may be found in the Annual Report.

Detailed information for how each parish will be affected by the new system has now been sent to all Incumbents and Parish treasurers. If you have any questions about the system for which you cannot find an answer via the FAQs, please see our contacts page for more help.

How parish share works, and what's changing

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