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Churches and Churchyards

Guildford Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches and Churchyards

The Diocesan Advisory Committee is here to help parishes to manage any kind of change to their church buildings – be it repairs, reordering or even extensions; and to advise the Chancellor as he makes decisions about granting faculties to allow such works to proceed. This is a legal requirement as our churches are subject to Faculty Jurisdiction (the ecclesiastical equivalent of planning consent) and many of them are listed.

The Committee is made up of both clergy and lay people and can offer specialist advice on a wide range of topics including archaeology, bells, clocks, lighting, organs, stained glass, heating, reorderings etc. – as well as the conservation of our rich store of historic buildings. All of this time and expertise is given freely. Importantly, the Committee is mindful of the need to assist the real work of parishes in their communities. All deliberations are, therefore, undertaken prayerfully and with the aim of balancing care and conservation with enabling worship and mission.

The DAC Secretary is happy to be contacted informally for advice or information and should always be consulted at an early stage when any work is being considered.


Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Includes national ​policies and procedures for the care of churches and churchyards, including jurisdiction rules. Details the processes churches need to go through to apply for a faculty. 


DAC Dates

Details of upcoming meeting dates and future dates for site visits. 


Faculty Petitions

Notices for current petitions the Diocesan Registry consider to involve alteration to or the extension of a listed building to such an extent as would be likely to affect its character.


DAC ​Team

Wendy Harris Web Wendy Harris

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and Pastoral Secretary

01483 790313

Becky King Becky King

DAC Administrator

01483 790364

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