The department deals with all properties and land owned or administered by the diocese with the exception of parish churches and churchyards.  We are also responsible for properties vested in the diocese as custodian trustee for the parish e.g. curacy houses, parish halls, and daughter churches.

We can provide advice on most property-related matters and we strongly recommend that parish representatives contact us at an early stage to discuss proposed sales, purchases or other property dealings.

We can also provide advice on town planning, insurance and health and safety issues.

Parsonages Handbook

The Parsonage Policies for all Incumbents living in diocesan vicarages.

The Housing Advisory Committee Parsonage Policy Handbook

A useful source of information about Parsonage Housing in the Diocese of Guildford
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Alvin Allison Alvin Allison

Property Director

01483 790317

Sue Mattin Sue Mattin

Property Administrator

01483 790305