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Confirmations (Church guidance)

Every Confirmation is a delight and a privilege for the Bishop and for those who preside alongside him. The intention is to produce a memorable service for the candidates and an inspiration to those who come to support them on these special occasions.

Please read the information below to help ensure these Services run smoothly.

Remaining Confirmation dates in 2023:

Date Venue Time Bishop
14 May 2023 Woking Deanery (TBC) 6.30pm +A
21 May 2023 Gordon’s School tbc +A
28 May 2023 Deanery tba 6.30pm +A
18 June 2023 Ruxley LEP tbc +A
24 September 2023 Deanery tba 6.30pm +A
15 October 2023 Deanery tba 6.30pm +A
5 November 2023 Godalming Deanery 6.30pm +A
19 November 2023 Deanery tba 6.30pm +A

You can also access these date on our calendar here

Guidance for services

At least one month before the Confirmation

Giving notice if your candidates will be confirmed at another Church
Advance details for the Bishop
Diocesan Order of Service
Preparing the registers and other documentation for the day
Preparing candidates for the Eucharist
Queries on dress code

The Confirmation

The importance of rehearsal
How to ensure stillness at the laying on of hands
How to present the candidates
Briefing candidates about their ‘Amen’
Length of Service
Assisting the Bishop with his staff
Baptisms at Confirmations
Collections at Confirmations
Ecumenical Confirmation Services


If the information above has not answered your queries about Confirmations, please contact the Revd Jo Winn-Smith, Chaplain to the Bishop of Guildford who would be happy to advise.

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