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The Big Bible Story 

The Big Bible Story is a resource that we have developed in the Diocese of Guildford to use with teachers to explain how the Bible tells one story, that of God's rescue plan.  It was originally created to support the unit of work in the diocesan RE guidelines "How does the Bible reveal God's plan?".  However it is useful for explaining theological concepts to teachers who are not RE specialists.

It consists of a reflective story and materials for a primary school staff meeting on the Big Bible Story.  They are free to download below.  The story is told using a reflective storytelling approach and the box of artefacts to use to tell the story can be borrowed from the Diocesan Resources Library at Church House Guildford.  Or you can use the PowerPoint slides which show images of each of the items in the box.

If you wish to use these ideas with pupil we recommend that teachers reduce the number of objects that they include in the Big Bible Story to suit the age groups. There is a script for a Key Stage 1 version of the Big Bible Story below.  Watch this space for EYFS and Key Stage 2

This resource is useful as a support for the Understanding Christianity materials.

The Big Story of the Bible from WSG

Big Bible Story Box Contents

Checklist of items you need to tell the Big Bible Story with props
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Big Bible Story KS1 Version

A shorter version of the Big Bible Story written for KS1 pupils
View >>

Big Bible Story Presentation

The Big Bible Story PowerPoint of text and images
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Building a Curriculum (RE) Booklet

For use in Surrey VC schools
View >>

Staff Meeting Booklet

Materials you need to run the Big Bible Story staff meeting
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Staff Meeting on Theological Concepts

This PowerPoint Presentation is the basis of the staff meeting on theological concepts
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The Big Ideas Booklet

For use in VA schools
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Theology Sorting Cards

For use in the Big Bible Story staff meeting
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