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How does Surrey SACRE support schools?

SACRE is not just a committee but a group of individuals who are passionate about creating the best opportunities for children and young people in our schools to learn about different religions and beliefs (both religious and non-religious). Listed below are key resources and support that SACRE can offer to schools that use the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for RE (2017-2022):

  • Partnering visits: Surrey SACRE regularly conducts visits to schools wishing to develop their RE curriculum. With Ofsted’s focus now being on schools’ curriculum intent, implementation and impact, a partnering visit could be a useful focus for reflections about the RE curriculum and help you to prepare for an Ofsted visit. The focus of these FREE partnering visits are always agreed with host schools in advance and are designed to be both supportive and informative (and are certainly NOT inspections!). Feedback from schools shows that the benefits of a partnering visit far outweighed any worries or concerns they had, and that the experience did indeed give school leaders, class teachers and pupils valuable opportunities to ‘rehearse’ the articulation of their curriculum intent in RE.
  • Speakers’ Forum: one of the main roles of any SACRE is to be a resource to support the delivery of the locally agreed syllabus. Speakers’ Forum is another way in which Surrey SACRE chooses to do this. As a group of speakers from different perspectives of faith and belief, they are passionate about engaging children and young people in our schools with the big questions they have. Over the short period of time since Speakers’ Forum was set up, the group has supported interfaith dialogue in several Surrey secondary schools – and (perhaps more importantly!) been invited back! – and are now working on developing appropriate resources for the primary phase,in partnership with several primary schools. Speakers’ Forum currently has 8 committed team members representing: Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Judaism & Sikhism. The group also have links with many other interfaith initiatives in their own localities. The aims of our sessions are to:
  • support teaching and learning in RE in Surrey schools;
  • model respectful interfaith dialogue and debate, remembering, firstly, that we are all human beings;
  • help children and young people to consider how faith and belief impacts peoples’ lives;
  • help children and young people to reflect on how people of different faiths and beliefs answer big (and small!) questions in life.
    • Visits to places of worship: many of our SACRE members regularly support schools with visits to key places of worship in Surrey and have also facilitated training for primary RE subject leaders.
    • Guidance materials that support schools with their RE & collective worship. ‘Encounters with Faith’ contains advice & protocols for both schools and belief communities in regard to planning visits and visitors as part of RE or collective worship. ‘Time to Reflect’ sets out guidance for maintained schools’ collective worship (assemblies) in a multi- or no-faith environment. Both documents are available from SACRE’s main webpage

    Please do contact SACRE if you would like any more information about support for schools using the Agreed Syllabus.

    If we can include some pictures, then that would be great: the Speakers’ Forum logo is here, or I can email it to you directly.

    Speakers Forum logo

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