Toolkit Bann3r

Communications Support


Engaging with the Media

Calls from Journalists

A guide with some top tips to help you best respond to calls from journalists along with supporting contacts. 


Being Interviewed

Guidance and resources to help you come across well during an interview and effectively express and stay on the key message


Filming in Churches

Guidance, support and contacts to help successfully market and allow the media to film on location in your church.


High Profile Funerals

Guidance and contacts to help successfully officiate a high profile funeral.


Press Releases

A handy guide and contact details to support you through the process of creating and sending press releases, one of the most effective ways of sharing good news stories to a wide audience.  


Effectively ​Communicating the Good News

Church Websites

Guiding principles, resources and support to help create and maintain a good church website.

Social Media

Resources, support and guides to help you improve your social media presence, whether you are just starting out or have established social media accounts.


Church Noticeboards

Guidance, support and contacts to ensure that church noticeboards are used as effectively as possible. 


Parish Magazines

As a diocese we are fortunate enough to have several award winning parish magazines. Find image resources and ​potential content for your magazines from the diocese. 


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