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Filming in ​churches


Filming in churches


Churches are popular film locations. Hosting a film shoot by a movie or TV company can be very beneficial to a church. It can bring the church into the public eye and encourage the public to come and visit. It can also be a useful source of additional income.

However there are potential pitfalls to avoid, including the risk of inappropriate content, unfavourable publicity, damage to the fabric and furnishings, and other risks such as copyright violation.
To maximise the benefits of filming in a church, and to avoid the risks, careful forethought and planning ​is essential. Church permission in the form of a faculty may also be needed before going ahead.

Marketing your church as a location

There are numerous location finding companies. Some are free, others charge for inclusion. The main ones are:



Points to consider

Points to consider before agreeing to filming proposals (PDF)

These guidelines are to assist incumbents, PCCs and churchwardens in the Diocese of Guildford to decide whether to agree to filming, and then in planning and managing the shoot. These guidelines are not a blueprint for all occasions.

Please get in touch with the communications team for further advice.

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