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A Call to Prayer for Ukraine from Bishop Andrew

Date: 01 March 2022

“Following the shocking events of last week, as one great global crisis was dramatically eclipsed by another, could I encourage us all to continue in prayer for the deeply challenging situation in Ukraine? The Diocese in Europe (with their chaplaincy in Kyiv) has set aside Tuesday 1st March at 6pm as a time of focussed prayer for the people of Ukraine and its churches (available to join in with on YouTube here), whilst Pope Francis and our archbishops have urged us to make Ash Wednesday a day of prayer and fasting for peace.  

Along with our archbishops, we 'lament with the people of Ukraine, and we pray for the innocent, the frightened and those who have lost loved ones, homes and family' - as well as praying for a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian forces from the region so that proper grievances can be aired and a diplomatic solution reached.”

- Bishop Andrew, Bishop of Guildford



We hope you find the resources below helpful to guide your times of prayer and fasting over the coming days:


A Prayer for Ukraine

God of peace and justice, we pray for the people of Ukraine today. We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons. We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow, that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them. We pray for those with power over war or peace, for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions. Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at risk and in fear, that you would hold and protect them. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


Archbishop Justin Welby

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell


A prayer for these times

God, we are angry and frightened. We know you created us for peace, but our world is just so violent... so we are angry and frightened. We ask your comfort for those violated. We ask your justice for those whose souls are so numb they cannot feel the pain they inflict. They need you most of all. Violate them with your terrible grace, that they may feel again. And make us your peace; rob us of the violence of our privileges, that we may be a refuge so that such evil can come to an end.


Stanley Hauerwas


Prayer for the People of Ukraine


Praying for the Peace of the World


Pray for Ukraine


Ukraine Update and Prayer


Tips on Fasting 


Prayer and Reflection Resources from the Diocesan Education Team




If you are finding drawn to do more than pray, the Diocesan Refugee Support Adviser, Diane Peters, has put together some helpful ‘calls to action’ to guide on further steps to lovingly support those fleeing the conflict:

  • We can offer support with donations – in money and in kind. Donations of money help the supporting agencies to target their support where it is most needed.
  • We can put pressure on the government to lobby MPs, to look at sanctions and ways of peace, to offer ease of access and care for refugees smoothing their way to resettlement.
  • We can offer good neighbour support to refugee families when they start to arrive in our country, especially if they are resettling near us.
  • We can send support to those countries welcoming large numbers of refugees eg Poland, Romania, Moldova via recognised refugee agencies.

Trusted organisations already operating in Ukraine and among the refugees are: 

  1. UN Refugee Centre
  2. UNICEF emergency appeal
  3. British Red Cross – Ukranian Crisis Appeal
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