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Supporting LGBTI+ people in the diocese

Date: 15 June 2022

Questions of identity, sexuality and relationships are no small matter. Each are subjects that can take a journey of a number of months or years to come to terms with.

Just before COVID struck a small pastoral team was formed by Bishop Andrew to support LGBTI+ people and their families and close friends to help them on this journey.

Former vicar and mission advisor, Revd Stephen Cox, heads up the team as the LGBTI+ Chaplain and shares about some of the learnings that came from relating to and loving his own son, who is gay, in his book ‘Navigating by The Son’.

Another team member has 35 years full-time pastoral experience working with LGBTI+ Christian people across the spectrum of theological viewpoints and varied understanding of the issues.

Working with individuals and groups he has had the joy of seeing many people reconcile faith and sexuality harmoniously, leaving behind the hurts of the past and able to pursue fruitful and fulfilled lives.

The pastoral team does not offer counselling but an ear to listen and a chance to pray with someone. Sharing the truth that Jesus loves and welcomes everyone, and is trying to lead us all closer to him, the team will help individuals, couples, relatives and friends on a journey of understanding.

It may be that someone feels lonely because they’re the only gay person in their church, the only person with gender issues or they feel misunderstood; there are countless possible scenarios that the team are able to help with. In all cases they will point where necessary to further specialist help.

In the first instance the Revd Stephen Cox can be approached about any query with regards to LGBTI+, and after a conversation via phone or email, will put those enquiring in touch with the appropriate team member.

More details about how this team works, including the contact details for Stephen, can be found under LGBTI+ on the Embracing Diversity page. There are other helpful resources via the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith website.

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