Thy Kingdom Come 2018


"Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will be Done"

We know the words. ​How can we live them?

Thy Kingdom Come is a global wave of prayer, bringing Christians of all traditions together as we join together and pray those important words.

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You can pledge to pray, find prayer resources​ and ​further information ​on the Thy Kingdom Come website.


                   The Guildford Festival of Prayer

 Thy Kingdom Come Worship

What Happened?

In culmination of the Thy Kingdom Come prayer movement Guildford Cathedral hosted hundreds of local Christians for prayer and worship as we prayed for people to know Jesus Christ.

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Relive the Festival 

You can relive the Guildford Festival of Prayer in photo form! Have a look through our album and see if you can spot yourself.

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List of Prayer Stations

Who was there at the Guildford Festival of Prayer?



TKC StampDuring the closing worship we were all comissioned with a stamp to share the Good News with someone who isn't a Christian.

We'd love to see you sharing your faith - if possible post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with #ShareTheNewsGFD to show how you shared the Good News.

TKC Pack

Sharing faith, especially if it's not something you've previously done, can be a daunting experience. Questions such as:

  • 'Who do I talk to?'
  • 'Where is the best place to talk? They don't go to church'
  • 'When is the right time to share?' and
  • 'How do I bring up faith?'

can all keep us reluctant to take that next step and talk about our faith. 

One of the best ways we've found to share faith is to simply have a chat over a drink and to ask some prompting questions.

You don't need to have an amazing story of God's impact on your life. You don't need to know the Bible by heart. You don't need to know theological arguments for the existence of God.

You can just ask some prompting questions and listen to your friend's answers. Some good starter questions are:

  • Does life have meaning?
  • Do you believe truth exists?
  • What do you think about Jesus?
  • What do you think happens after you die?
Once your conversation turns to matters of faith and belief don't get carried away, listen to their answers, ask some further questions and share your faith if there's a chance. At the Guildford Festival of prayer packs with hot chocolate and biscuits were given out to help set up these conversations. Let us know how you got on with them at #ShareTheNewsGFD.