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Reduce your church's carbon footprint with the Energy Footprint Tool

Graphic saying 30% of Guildford churches have filled out their EFT. Don't let them down and fill in yours tool. You've still got until 31 August.Your church can fight climate change. Completing the Energy Footprint Tool is a step forward in helping to improve your church's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. It's our collective responsibility to safeguard God's creation and create a just world for future generations.

Studies show that heating accounts for a staggering 70% of a parish's carbon footprint. Before considering solar panels or other investments, it's crucial to explore low-carbon heating options. By taking action and reducing our energy consumption, we can work towards achieving Net Zero as a diocese and reducing all of our energy bills.

Not only does the Energy Footprint Tool provide valuable insights for individual churches, but it also helps build a national picture of our baseline and progress towards becoming net zero carbon by 2030. 

Help us our keep first-place title
Team Guildford is leading the charge, and we need your support to keep our first-place position in completing the Energy Footprint Tool!

How to use the Energy Footprint Tool
It’s an easy-to-use online platform where you can enter your church’s energy data, including heating and lighting bills, to calculate their carbon footprint. You'll get immediate access to a detailed report, including your church's carbon footprint and an assessment of your building's efficiency.

To get started:

  • Gather your utility bills from the previous year, including electricity, gas, oil, or any other fuel you use. 
  • If you have solar panels, make sure to include information on their generation. 
  • If you want to include separate buildings like a church hall, gather the bills for those too. 
  • Don't worry about 100% accuracy; estimates are perfectly fine as long as they are in a relevant ballpark.

The system is open now, so don't miss this opportunity to make a difference. Visit the Online Parish Returns System to access the Energy Footprint Tool and contribute to our collective journey towards a sustainable future.

Alison Moulden, our previous Diocesan Environment Officer, is back for a short while to help us get the current completion rate from 30% to more than last year’s winning rate of 72%. If you haven’t filled in your EFT you may get the joy of a call or email from her.

Help us, and Alison, keep our position as the highest-performing diocese in completing the Energy Footprint Tool and lead the way towards a net zero carbon future. You have until 31 August.

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