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Children feel closer to God when churches partner with the local school

First published on: 3rd April 2024

How do you help children feel closer to God? Our research shows that when churches partner with the local school they do just that. In 80% of the schools surveyed all the children said that when people from the local church visit the school, they feel closer to God.

Growing faith

Asking big questions is good for children

First published on: 26th March 2024

A recent study by the Diocese of Guildford has found that the greater the involvement from a church in a school, the greater the children are aware of their own, and the world’s, strengths, wonder, and beauty.

Growing faith

Cathedral and Diocese join for a Key Stage 1 Eco-Day

First published on: 22nd March 2024

The Education Teams at Guildford Cathedral and the Diocese joined to host eco-champions from 15 CofE schools at their annual Eco-Day.


New Surrey RE syllabus attracts national interest

First published on: 22nd December 2023

Celebrating the launch of a new Religious Education syllabus focused on religion and belief lived out in real life.


New online Advent Calendars, ‘The World is Waiting’

First published on: 1st December 2023

Two online Advent Calendars created by the Diocese Education Team are launched today for use by schools, churches and individuals.


A prayer for our young people and their families during results season

First published on: 17th August 2023

A prayer for all those affected or impacted by the results season


St Mark and All Saints School’s double Eco achievement

First published on: 3rd August 2023

A great achievement for the Eco Council at St Mark and All Saints CofE Primary School in Godalming saw them receive two awards in one day.


Over 2500 pupils gather to reflect on their time in Primary education

First published on: 23rd June 2023

Almost 3000 Year 6 pupils from church schools in the diocese came together for their Leavers' Services at Guildford Cathedral.

Junior Choir swells Haslemere congregation

First published on: 1st June 2023

Partnering with the local Church of England school to create a Junior Choir has seen St Bartholomew and St Christopher’s, Haslemere welcome new visitors.

Shaping Our Future Together to 2030

First published on: 3rd November 2022

'Shaping Our Future Together' sees the Diocesan Board of Education joining with its schools on a new academy strategy.

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