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Beacon Event 2017 Service

Hundreds of Christians to gather for special Guildford Cathedral Beacon event to celebrate finale of global prayer movement News

14 May 2018
"It’ll be great to join together with local Christians in the newly refurbished and weatherproof cathedral!”
Great Vocations Conversation

Take up the Great Vocations Challenge! News

09 May 2018
Take up the challenge and join many others in helping the light of Christ to shine out into the world....

Statement on Ripley Church of England Primary School Statement

09 May 2018
A statement from the Diocese of Guildford following the decision of Councillor Mary Lewis to recommend closure of Ripley Church ...

Statement on Green Oak Church of England Primary and Nursery School Statement

09 May 2018
A statement from the Diocese of Guildford following the decision of Councillor Mary Lewis to postpone the closure of Green ...
Women Leading Religion Panel

Prominent religious leaders explore the topic of gender in religion News

03 May 2018
The speakers each presented a brief exploration of gender in the leadership of their religion before an audience question and ...
Half brochure front page

Bishop’s Lent Challenge passes the £5,000 mark News

19 April 2018
“We have made an excellent start, but it would be fantastic if we could improve on last year’s total of ...
Kidz Club Sunday

BGF provides £6,000 grant to help vulnerable families in Farnham News

10 April 2018
The project, now extending to other areas of the community, offers clubs, mentoring and outreach to vulnerable families in Farnham....
Bishop Jo

Bishop of Dorking's Sermon - Easter Eve: Service of Light, Initiation and Confirmation

01 April 2018
The tone of desperate hope. It’s not easy, but it is promising... There is less to fear and more to ...
Chrism Eucharist Service

Chrism Eucharist Service News

29 March 2018
During the service, which takes place on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week, both ordained and lay people reaffirmed their calling ...
Bishop Andrew preaching at Maundy Thursday

Freed to move: Maundy Thursday 2018 sermon Sermon

29 March 2018
Bishop Andrew preaches on John 13:1-17, 31b-35 at the Chrism service on Maundy Thursday 29 March 2018.

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Matthew 13:31

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