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Welcome to the Education pages of the Diocesan website.

The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) is the statutory body which is responsible for supporting Church of England schools and academies across the diocese.

Our work reflects our national commitment to the Church of England’s vision for education ‘Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good’ Our Church schools and academies are open to all and are inclusive, supporting and encouraging those of Christian faith, other faiths and those of no faith.

Our work in education is right at the heart of the diocese’s Transforming Church, Transforming Lives mission strategy and is central to serving over 22,000 children and young people who attend the 85 Church of England schools and academies right across the Diocese.

Goal 8 of TCTL confirms our commitment to nurturing all those involved in education and together we seek to improve the standards and develop the Christian distinctiveness of our Church schools and academies.

The DBE has published its new Strategy for its ​Church schools and academies called "Shaping our Future"

Diocesan Board of Education

The members and responsibilities of the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)

Our Schools

Further details about and a map of the 85 Church schools for which the Board of Education is responsible.

Education Team

Contact details of the education team and the support they can offer.

Education Strategy

Resources and further information about the Diocese of Guildford's Education Strategy.

Christian Distinctiveness

Details of the inspection process to monitor Christian Distinctiveness in schools along with Religious Education guidelines and ideas for collective worship in schools.

School Effectiveness

Reports on the effectiveness of the 85 Church schools and academies across the diocese.

Leadership and Governance

Information, training and support for school leaders and governing bodies.

Services and Support

Details and the booking process for training events, courses and programmes to support education in the Diocese of Guildford.

School Buildings

Information about and contact details for the services available to school buildings.

The Good Shepherd Trust

Information about the diocesan multi-academy trust, contact details for the staff team and details about the schools in the trust.


Information and support for current and potential chaplains in the further education colleges and schools across the diocese.


Details of the partners of the Diocesan Board of Education to effectively support education in the diocese.

Forthcoming Event

Life as a Franciscan Sister or Brother - could this be for me?

A day to explore Franciscan community life in the Church of England.